September 30, 2014 - September 30, 2014

Webinar: Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification functionality in pSeven

Many engineering problems contain sources of uncertainty. To analyze them, pSeven offers you uncertainty quantification capabilities, which can be effectively applied at an early design stage and include:

  • Complete set of innovative algorithms of OpenTURNS library for various tasks of uncertainty quantification study coupled with the intuitive interface to the library,
  • Capabilities to specify uncertainties of input parameters for the model under study (based on the sample of the parameters or expert knowledge about the parameters) and
  • Results visualization capabilities

These capabilities allow you to: 

  • Create probabilistic models (parametric or non-parametric) describing the uncertainties
  • Investigate the propagation of uncertainty (Monte-Carlo method)
  • Perform Reliability analysis  (approximation methods, FORM, sampling methods)

You will be demonstrated several industrial application examples of pSeven's uncertainty quantification capabilities. As an example, a reliability analysis problem of the beam under a load will be solved to estimate the probability of the rupture in the critical zone.