June 10, 2014 - June 10, 2014

Webinar: Surrogate Based Optimization (SBO) - a unique solution for optimization with a minimum of iterations

This webinar is for you if

  • your computations are expensive and you don’t dare using numerical optimization,
  • you want to reduce the time and cost of your current optimization process,
  • you are looking for a more robust solution with respect to convergence,
  • you have to solve multi-objective and multidisciplinaryengineering problems.
SBO capabilities will be demonstrated on an industrial caseDefining optimal geometry of polyurethane damper using pSeven powered by MACROS technology.
The two optimization criteria are:
- Static load performance
- Damper mass

Multi-objective problem solution steps:
  • Damper’s 3D-model creation in SolidWorks®
  • Integration of ANSYS® Mechanical™ APDL in pSeven to perform FE analysis of load performance (watch the integration dedicated webinar to learn more)
  • Setting up the workflow and finding the frontier of optimal points using SBO method.


The webinar was held on June 10. You should be registered at our website to access the video.