April 5, 2012

Seminar of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

DATADVANCE will participate to the Seminar of Central Aerohydrodynamical Institute with lecture "Optimization under uncertainty: new method and its application to aerodynamic design problems". The authors of lecture: Fedor Gubarev, Sergey Morozov, Alexander Khlebuschev. One of the main features of the problems of engineering optimization, including problems of optimization of wing profile's form, is the presence of external uncertain parameters, such as the free-stream velocity, the number of Reynolds, technological precision of parts manufacturing, etc. Given the fact that every computation of the characteristics is usually very time-taking, the development of efficient algorithms for optimization in uncertainty is of paramount importance. In this work a new method for stochastic optimization is presented, which drastically reduce the number of calculations (references to the computer module). We discuss technical details of the method and demonstrate its effectiveness for solving airfoil optimization problem under uncertainty for aerodynamic parameters.


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