Optimization of Passive Cooling System

Thercon-LHP optimized a passive cooling system for a gaming computer with 400 watts of heat output using pSeven.

By Tatyana Linder, Design Engineer, Thercon-LHP

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Using Cache in pSeven

Introduction to pSeven capabilities to save and reuse all processed data with an industry example of time-saving.

By Dinara Shvarts, Application Engineer, DATADVANCE

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Video: Design of Experiments in pSeven

Get acquainted with the new block for Design of Experiments in pSeven, including adaptive approach in our new video.

By Jean Demange, Application Engineer, DATADVANCE

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DATADVANCE Participated in the FloEFD Simulation Conference

DATADVANCE sponsored, exhibited and presented at the FloEFD Simulation Conference in Berlin.

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Optimization of Pultrusion of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Profile

Skoltech and DATADVANCE increased the pulling speed of pultrusion process by 18% using Abaqus and pSeven.

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